Cant select answers on quiz HTML5

I have a presentation I want to insert multiple choice questions in. I have a sample project that I built a single quiz slide in and previewing using HTML5 works perfect. When I insert that slide into my main project and export as HTML5, I can’t select the radio buttons on the quiz. It just pauses or re-starts the presentation.

This makes the quizzes kind of useless.


Please check again to see whether you export your project to the Demo mode or not.
If yes, your viewers cannot interact with your quiz because the interactivity is not supported in this mode due to its nature.
You can export your project again to other modes so that your quiz can be interacted with.
Take a look at this tutorial will give you more detail about 4 operation modes in ActivePresenter:

If it wasn’t your case, please attach your project here or send it to so we can further check.

Looking forward to your response.
Best regards,

Makes sense now, thank you.