Can't record in video mode on multiple screen configuration

Problem: Can’t record in video mode on multiple screen configuration

ActivePresenter Version: 7.0

OS: Windows 10

Notes: Since I’ve installed version 7, I only can record on the main display and not the other displays using “record video”. When recording on the other display the result is a black screen with the mouse recording. I’ve switch back to version 6 and no problem.


We have checked but could not reproduce the issue with 2 displays. Can you please let us know:

  • The number of displays on your computer?
  • The resolution and DPI setting (scale) of each display?

Please make sure that they have same DPI setting since ActivePresenter doesn’t work well with multiple displays which have different DPIs.



Just wanted to report that I am able to record with multiple displays. I have a laptop with it’s own screen, in a docking station, with two displays - so three displays in total.

It works perfectly.

You may need to “drag” the record window to the screen you want recorded?


Ok, my fault. The “Use Direct3D for recording screen” was checked. Without it, everything is fine.


Hi @coupalm,

Thanks for your information. We will check and try to fix it in future releases.