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Can't open a file

(Rebekah Paul) #1

Why I try to open a file it says it can’t open it. When I try to start a new file and input the A/V files into it, that doesn’t work either, but I can play the video (MKV) file separately outside of Active Presenter just not the audio file. What is happening?!

(Dao Viet Phuong) #2


It seems the project file was corrupted somehow. Can you please tell what is the error message when you input the A/V files into a new project? Have you tried to insert them from Annotation > Video/Audio?


(Rebekah Paul) #3

When I inserted the video file into a new project it was very short on the timeline, like a single pipe almost. I can play it with WMP but that’s it. The audio got hungup when inserting and that one won’t play through WMP or VLC.

(Dao Viet Phuong) #4

Unfortunately, I am afraid of that these files were corrupted too and it is impossible to recover the project.