Can't open a file

Why I try to open a file it says it can’t open it. When I try to start a new file and input the A/V files into it, that doesn’t work either, but I can play the video (MKV) file separately outside of Active Presenter just not the audio file. What is happening?!


It seems the project file was corrupted somehow. Can you please tell what is the error message when you input the A/V files into a new project? Have you tried to insert them from Annotation > Video/Audio?


When I inserted the video file into a new project it was very short on the timeline, like a single pipe almost. I can play it with WMP but that’s it. The audio got hungup when inserting and that one won’t play through WMP or VLC.

Unfortunately, I am afraid of that these files were corrupted too and it is impossible to recover the project.