Can't get the top position of an element

Problem: I’m trying to get the top position of a multiple question option but it keeps giving 0. I remember doing this with earlier versions and it was working fine. Here are the screenshots:

ActivePresenter version: 9.1

OS: Win 11


As can be seen from your screenshots, the shuffle answers option is applied to your question.
So, the actual position of the answers is created from the top/left together with the translation transform.

To get the position, you should add translation to your scripts as below:

var top = + object.translate().translateY;
var left = object.left() + object.translate().translateX;

Hope it helps.
Best regards,

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Hey @aytug2001 ,
You are doing great with your skills.
As I see your screenshots they are done perfectly.

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Thank you so much loretaloreta, I’m doing it for my students for now and maybe commercially later :blush: