Can't change LMS

Hallo,I cannot change the address of the LMS. Jan

Hi Jan,

Unfortunately, you are only able to publish your courses to ActivePresenter Online, you cannot change the LMS’s address.


Hi Hang, thank you for your prompt reply.
I have no chance to get to the server. A different server is always displayed.
Please see the picture.

Thanks , Jan

Hi Jan,

The Publish to LMS feature in ActivePresenter version 9 no longer supports publishing to other LMS sites other than ActivePresenter Online anymore. To change the LMS site back to ActivePresenter Online, please clear the LMS site in the apconfig file like this:

To open this file, follow the path: C:\Users<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\ActivePresenter

If you would like to publish your courses to your LMS, please consider exporting to SCORM or xAPI packages and then upload them manually to your LMS.


Hi Hang,
it worked perfectly now. thanks
Best regards,

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