Cannot open old version projects in current version of the software

Cannot open old version projects (3.6. 3.9, etc.) in current version of the software.

ActivePresenter Version:
W7 64bit
Is there some way to convert old files? Do they need to be opened and saved in some version between the file version and the latest?


Those are too old formats so ActivePresenter 7 doesn’t support them anymore.
You can download ActivePresenter 6 from the download page, open and save those projects in version 6 format. After that, those projects can be opened by ActivePresenter 7.


Honestly, that solution stinks. You should have development either support them directly, or add a conversion tool. This is particularly true because the program does not allow two versions to be installed at the same time (at least it did not with my older version and the current one).

You should not use two versions at the same time.
Just install version 6, open and save all your old projects.
After that, install and use version 7.