Cannot hide click box

Problem: When I hide the click box, the command stops working

ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: 10

Notes: Hi I have a click box which shows the region where a user needs to click. In Practice mode, I can see the click box outline and it works when the user clicks in the right place. However if I remove the line and set it to No Line, (as I dont actually want to display the click area until at least the 3rd attempt) the click box stops working. What is the best way to hide the click box outline until after the 3rd attempt?

thanks as always


Hi Paul,

In Tutorial and Practice mode, though Show in Mode is not selected, the click box will appear whenever the user does an incorrect attempt. Test mode doesn’t have this behavior.

To receive mouse event, object must have Fill or Line set. You can select No Line and Solid Fill with zero (0) Color Opacity so that the click box is not visible but it still works.

To hide a click box outline until after the 3rd attempt, you can change its fill and line as above, add another state for the click box with line, and use Change Object State action to change to that state when reaching the 3rd attempt condition. For more information about object state and event-action condition, please see these tutorials:


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Superb support thank you