Can you preload the next page?

Right now the entire presentation will completely freeze for a few seconds, especially on cellular network, when trying to turn to the next page. We do have instructor videos on each page. This is really a huge frustration for a viewer of our content.

Is it possible to preload everything on just the next page, so that it becomes snappy when viewer clicks to turn to the next page? This will make a huge difference to viewer experience and make it practical to use ActivePresenter under cellular network.


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Thanks for your feedback.
We will try to improve the media loading in the future update.


Thanks! Appreciate if you take my request seriously. I believe a lot of other developers will benefit from the page preload

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I second qb200210’s statement. I too am having issues related to no page/media pre-load.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for letting us know.
Have you tried with the latest version 8.3.2?