Can you helmpe?

Hello, good morning, sorry for the inconvenience, I need help to incorporate some java into my saola project, I have the following code:

This is a parallax effect with the mouse… I have to incorporate this effect in saola, I would like to make some symbols move when I move the mouse, that is, replace the images in the previous code with some symbols, but I don’t know how do it… I tried to copy the java code into an event in saola… but it doesn’t work… could you provide me with a saola file with the example working?.. thank you this would help me incorporate future effects in my saola projects… many thank you.


Here is the sample project for your reference:
talk-8621.saolapack (2.3 KB)
We place the scripts in the Scene Event Handlers > Mouse Move event > Run JavaScript action.

You can edit function to update the element name and speed as you want.
Wish you the best.

THANKS!!! YOU ARE THE BEST, this work amazing!

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