Can I extract images from the HTML5 output?


I work in a workshop that repairs scientific medical instruments.
We use Active Presenter to create tutorial and repair manuals which we place on our intranet. We are updating the files but have run into a problem in that one of the Active Presenter .approj files that contained an image is no longer available. We only need one image from the file, and a screenshot would have worked, but the User Instructions callout obscures the image.

Is there a way to extract the item (B), Process Flow diagram shown in the attached example, from the published HTML5 file and folders?

Thank you.

Susan Jones

(A) Is the background photo image. (We don’t need this)
(B) Is the process flow diagram we need.
(C) Are instruction and information callouts that point at items in the flow diagram. (We don’t need these)

Hi Susan,

For your concern, when exporting your project to HTML5 format, you have also exported a resource folder which includes project images, audio, and video.
You can find the images you have inserted in the project in that folder.

Quynh Anh