Can i create a question that uses a 3D model in Active Presenter?

Hello. i would like to incorporate 3D models in my e-learning material, but I cannot figure out how i can incorporate the models in the different question types. I can upload images to the various question types, but am trying to figure out how to use a 3D model.

I hope you can assist.

Hi - I do not have any 3D objects to test with but I did add a multiple choice question and I see that the 3D model option is still active. So it would appear that it is possible.

It may be that the 3D model would need to be a supporting element to the real question, though, rather than the active part.

Have you tried to drag and drop a 3D file to the stage?
Note that only .fbx .obj .3mf .ply, .stl, and .glb formats are supported.

Starting at page 184 in the manual, there are also several pages related to 3D Models.

Hello Bridgit,

3D models are a great way to add a touch of interaction to the questions. They are perfect for identification, the student can rotate the image to find a point of interest to help them identify it. Such has how many legs to a spider have, they can rotate to the spider which may be head on to start. Or to find a specific component on an airplane, labeling 4 components A, B, C, D, and they need to pick out the elevator. The 3d model can be tagged with letters or numbers or other. This will make testing a touch more fun, at least by what I see. Microsoft has a fair amount of 3d images in Paint 3D or 3D viewer. there are many resources online for free 3D art. And some are animated.