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[By Design] Sometimes video clips are inserted at (10, 10)

Randomly (maybe?), inserted / pasted video clips end up at some positional offset that is a multiple of (10,10) (like 20,20, 30,30, etc.).

I’m not sure why this happens but I find that I am often correcting the positions back to (0,0). Even worse, every once in a while I don’t notice until I’m watching an exported video, then I have to go back and fix it and re-export the video.

It would be nice I think if the clips were always inserted at (0,0).

I don’t know how to consistently trigger this behavior, but will post back here if I can figure out the pattern.


Hi Jac,

It is an intended design. Some users don’t recognize the pasted objects if they are overlapped the original one and request this behavior. You can paste multiple times then select all pasted objects to adjust their positions at once.


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Ok, thanks. It’s not really a big problem. Thanks for the suggestion!