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Button won't scale proportional to scene in browser


Hello there,

I have a video in the timeline. At a specific time, buttons appear and when the mouse clicks on a button an URL opens. I did that and it works fine.

When I test the project (Preview project in browser) my video scales proportional to the size of the browser window. But the buttons won’t scale. I changed width and height to % and tried changing only width in % and height in auto, but the effect is, that it won’t scale proportional. Is there a simple (none-coded) solution?

Saola Animate version: 3.0.0

OS: Windows 10 64 bit


Result in Browser (the blue circle is the button):

Hi Lars,

Please send a sample project package (File > Save As > Package) with the issue to so that we can check.


Thanks; I have sent you an email.

Hi Lars!
I think you should switch the size unit of container, button, image and position from % to px.

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Hi Lars,

I’ve made changes to your project and sent it back to your email.
In brief, you should use px unit for your scene width/height so that AutoFit can work and scale your scene and elements proportional.


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Thanks to both of you.

@ToanLS I’ve received your email and looked at your project. Works great. I’m a bit confused, because when I changed the scene width/height to px, my background image made problems - it didn’t scaled anymore. I have to check deeper, what else you did, but it’s the result I needed. Thanks a lot!!

Great product by the way. In the past I used to work with a very similar program from a big company everbody knows…but it caused many problems, especially with importing (short!) videos.
Hope you’ll make Saola Animate even more better in the future; looking forward to it.

It’s a bug which a responsive project layout is not updated correctly when changing the viewport size dynamically (e.g. when resizing the browser window). You can refresh the page to update the layout (or don’t use responsive layouts as in my project).
We’ll fix this bug in the next release.


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Works fine. I’ve deleted all Breakpoints (as you did) and now I’m happy. :slight_smile: