Button not working in powerpoint imported projects

i created two active presenter projects. One created by importing a powerpoint and another from scratch within AP. The powerpoint import is primarily to get the template. Nothing else.

I have a button and then i want to perform some action by clicking on it. In the powerpoint imported case, the button is not even recognized. When i hover, it doesnt change state. When i click, it just pauses the video.

The one created from scratch works fine.

Is there any setting that i can check to see why this may be the case? I checked project and element properties and nothing seemed obviously different between the two.

Sorry, Unable to send files out of my workplace.


Hi Ame,

The button fails to work here because ActivePresenter does not support importing Action Buttons from PowerPoint.Therefore, you need to add an action to the button in ActivePresenter to make it work as desired. For example, create an object state for the button and change it when hovered; and go forward one slide when clicked.

Best regards,