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Building navigation for a comic (with music)

Problem: Making back and forward buttons for each page of a comic and playing music across multiple pages

I built a system using scenes for each page as that made it super simple to use an invisible layer that allows swipe or touch to go next scene or previous scene. But any audio stops when I change scene.
IF there a feature yet to allow more control over audio to start and stop when I want (and fade).
Alternatively, what workflow can I use to build each page in one scene, so they have self contained timeslines but play in sequence as you press the play button.

I built something before in swishmax (many years ago). I used sprites I think they were called which was a mix of how timelines and symbols work. But I could hide a second timeline within a single frame of my main timeline.This allow me to use a repeatable button like (go back 1 frame) as a back button.

With symbols, it seems the main timelines still has to play though to complete the alternative timeline
With timelines, and if I have timelines for each page, it gets more complex to hide the other pages not in use.

Can you suggest a workflow i can use that achieves a linear navigation, back (can i go back 100 frames for example if I make each page start at set intervals in main timeline) and forward, and allow control of background music?

If I use timeline labels, I would have to build a custom back button for each page.Bit more work.

So ideally using scenes for each page is a cleaner way to do it, but restricts audio use.

Let me know if you need further clarification.

PS: this is a test version of the comic:


Saola Animate version: 3.0.1

OS: Win 10


Hi Giorgos,

You can do as follows to control your background music:

  1. Right-click your audio element on Canvas and select Show Across Scenes
  2. Add an action to your first scene to play the audio
  3. In each scene, you can add animations like playback, volume… to control the audio.

Please see this sample:
background music.saolapack (2.8 MB)


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Didn’t know you added this feature. Awesome, I knew you would have a solution and quickly :wink:
Great support as always.


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