Bug: several marker related problems


  1. If I press preview (or hotkey) several seconds after setting up a marker by clicking on the timeline, it waits few seconds (2-3s) which is very annoying and prevents quick edits.
  2. There doesn’t seem to be hotkeys for setting left/right marker
  3. Current markers often lose its position. Shift click to set right marker often kills first marker too so the only option is to drag and drop them.

Overall, working with markers is extremely slow and buggy which makes longer then few minutes of editing torture.

ActivePresenter version: Version 8.5.0

OS: Windows 10


  1. It’s already in our TODO list and we will try to improve this feature in future releases.
  2. Thank you for your suggestion. We will add this to our TODO list.
  3. We have checked but could not reproduce the issue, could you please send us a short video?


Thanks for quick answers.

Regarding third problem, I can’t reproduce it today, but since it happened to me multiple times I will make sure I catch it and report it back to you.

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