Bridging Saola with AngularJS

In one potential use of Saola, we have an angularjs front-end application and the data we fetch from the server gets binded to the html view using angularjs view model object. And then we use ng-repeat to loop through etc as per angularjs features.

Given that saola HTML pages render through the saola javascript code, at the architecture level, is there a way to pass angularjs viewmodel object in the Saola code?


Hi Shawn,

Have you ever tried creating a Saola project which uses AngularJS?
If not, please try and ask if there’s any issue.
You’ll get help much faster that way, because I (and maybe many other members of this community) don’t have any experience with AngularJS while you do have.

Below are somethings that may be helpful:


Ok. Will try and keep you posted.



In the attached Saola package, we have created an object with a fade and move animation.

When we export the HTML, we are able to right click on the object, inspect the element and gather the HTML and CSS. This allows us to successfully integrate the “static” object into our application HTML page.

Is there a way to integrate the fade and move animation codes as well? I think it would involve taking some of the JS code from Untitled.js and incorporating it into our structure, along with a reference to Slplayer.js

The key question is how do we “cut” the code from untitled.js only for our obejct and how do we create a link to SLplayer.js as that will be required to make the untitled.js work?

We are quite sure there should be a way … I think this can open new doors for the Saola community too as it allows Saola to contribute to existing projects as well.

Untitled.saolapack (2.1 KB)

Here is a sample set of pages (ignore broken image links) we would like to incorporate the Saola object in so it runs in our page exactly as it does in Saola.

Sample (1.6 MB)



Hi Shawn,

Please see my answer in this thread for embedding Saola Animate content into another page:


Great – will take a look!