Branching with buttons that changing state (color) after visited

Problem: Hello, please, I have to create branches for different micro-sections, which point to a single menu (the tutorial consists of several micro lessons).
Placing myself on the last slide of the tutorials, I can send the user back to the main menu correctly, but I can’t find the way (in the buttons) to signal that one or more micro lessons have already been performed (eg., changing the color through the state of the object) . How can I do? I’m not familiar with Java … unfortunately.
My apologies, if I ask too much.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.9

OS: Windows 10



You can use variables for such purpose.

  • Add a variable and set it value to a certain one once a micro lesson has been completed.
  • On Slide’s “On Load” event, perform actions to update the objects’ states based on the value of your variable by using Conditions.

You can learn about using variables in ActivePresenter at:

You can also find more tutorials in the “Interactive eLearning Topics” in the tutorials page:


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thank’s very much.
I really appreciated competence, courtesy and speed.
Thanks again.