Branched scenarios

I have been using authoring software for some years and I am starting to use active presenter. During the tests I am doing I have been having some doubts about certain functions that other software have.
Is it possible to make a branched elearning course, that is, by means of branched scenarios that the users can select among different alternatives, and that according to their selection, a certain slide opens? I attach an example image


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Absolutely this is possible!
The tricky part about it all is working out the logic and keeping track of all the variables.

I see you’re working on the map - that will help.

What part of the branching is giving you pause?

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Hi Greg,

For example, the user must solve a case, in which he has three options. Only option A is correct. If he selects this correct option, he is directed to a specific slide.

If the user selects option B, he is directed to a specific slide. And if the user selects option C, he is directed to another specific slide.

The course must allow the user to see the content and can be returned through it (all slides have video). The problem is that when publishing the course, if the user, for example, selected the correct option and was directed to the specific slide, when returning (with the progress bar), he/she will see the slides corresponding to the incorrect answers.

My suggestion for branching scenarios is to always build one’s own navigation.

No playbar.

In my experience - a branching scenario is not linear and so the playbar becomes a liability. I have been a participant in branching scenarios which leave the playbar active and I can easily see every slide and bypass all logic built into the scenario. :frowning_face:

Every slide will need to have appropriate nav buttons and each button will function based on specific instruction or based on variables set as the learner interacts with the scenario. I would advocate for event driven projects versus time driven ones.


If you wish the user to go back to the beginning at some point just give them a button to do so.

Or if at the end of the scenario - make a button to return to the start and you can also reset your variables to allow for a completely new attempt.

If you go to the Export Tab and choose Player Settings - you can find the ability to customize your toolbar to remove the navigation capabilities.

I hope that helps.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

Nice day,