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Bottons from Video

Is there a way to create PLAY, STOP and RESTART buttons for a video that is on the slide? I would not want to use the video player buttons

Windows 7


You can use the following scripts to play, stop and restart a video:


prez.object('video name').animate(AP.EffectType.MEDIA_PLAY);


prez.object('video name').animate(AP.EffectType.MEDIA_STOP);

Restart: seek the video to the end, wait a moment, then play it again. If it doesn’t work sometime, please increase the wait time.

var videoObject = prez.object('video name');
var wait = 500; //ms
setTimeout(function() {
}, wait);

We’ll consider supporting media playback actions in the future.


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Hello, thanks. Worked perfectly.
I would like that when the video is over, a button appears, how do I do?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible with video started by script in the current version.
We’ll try to improve it in future releases.


In version 8.0.1, is it now possible to make a button appear when the video is finished?

And how do I make the button maximize and minimize the video?


It’s still not avaialble in the latest version (8.0.3) yet.
But you can use an interactive timeline insteading of scripting to do that.
In the interactive timeline, insert an appear effect for the video at 0, and an appear effect for the button at the end of the video (you must know the video duration).
Please also remember to set the video to be autoplay and initially hidden, the button to be initially hidden.
After that, you can use Continue/Pause Timeline action to play/pause the video, Start Timeline action to start the video.

For fullscreen, you can use the script below:

var fsAPI = AP.fullscreen;
if (fsAPI.fullscreenElement())
  fsAPI.requestFullscreen(prez.object('your video object name').node);