Blur images from photoshop

Hi, I’m using Photohop Element to make assets then importing them into Active Presenter. They are clear in PS but in AP they become blury. the resolution in PS is 72 resolution and my AP is set to 1280/720. I’m not stretching the images they just import blurry. What am I doing wrong?

The reason it is a issue is that I have a lor of numbers and words in the background. I’d rather not make them all individual assets in AP but inbedd them into the background in photoshop.

Thanks for any help!!

Hi Scott,

To help you better, we need more resources for analyzing the issue further. So, kindly provide us with:

  • your exported image from Photoshop
  • a screenshot illustrating the blur issue that you mentioned.

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Computer needed an update and a restart and all was fixed. Something in the CPU must have been the probelm.

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Thank @SBNEST for getting back to us.
Have a nice day.