Black Screen is appearing all over the activepresenter while editing

I updated my Activepresenter to 9.1.3 few hours back. Now when i am opening any file to do the editing stuff, segments of black screen is appearing all over the Activepresenter. Whenever i am moving the pointer in the main timeline this black segments are showing all over the place. I am unable to edit my project because of this.

OS- Windows 11

Check the ss for the same.

Screen Recording for the same

Log File

Hi @Arnit_Dey,

After checking the files you sent, we found that your device has 2 types of graphics card.
One of them is NVIDIA.
And, because you are running ActivePresenter on NVIDIA, the issue happens.

You can run ActivePresenter on the Intel card instead.
However, its weak point can be it will run a bit weakly.

Let me know how it goes.

Quynh Anh

Ok will try and let you know but my point is before this version I never experienced it. Settings and graphic card was same

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I tried and it worked fine. But why should it happen in the first place. Kindly rectify it. In the meantime please provide the previous version 9.1.2 for windows 11, so that i can work with my nvidia graphics card like before.

Hi @Arnit_Dey,

You can download 9.1.2 version here:

Quynh Anh