Best way to display copyright info

I have a course where the photographers of some photo’s asked me to add there credentials by the photo. I was thinking to display the credits when you hoover over the photo. Is this an option and how can I realize this. Or are there better ways to do this. Any ideas…?

I have a similar problem with Creative Commons Licences. I’m adding a credits scene at the end of the project and including author / link details in the meta data.

If they specify that it must be included when the image is displayed perhaps add a small discrete ‘info’ icon in the same location on each page that displays the authors info in a pop-up when clicked. It could be less intrusive than a hoover trigger over the whole image.

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Thank @mackavi for your suggestions. You always give good advice to other users in the community.
Yes, you can consider the suggestions, @Kris_Dierickx.
Then, if you still want to show the author information when hovering the mouse over the images. Here are the steps to achieve that:

  • Insert a text caption object over the image (Insert tab > Text Caption) > enter author information.
  • Right-click the text caption > Initially Hidden.
  • Select the image > navigate to the Properties pane > Interactivity tab > Events - Actions > add the Rollover and Rollout events with the suitable actions as follows:
    By doing so, the author information (text caption object) will be shown when hovering the mouse over the image. In contrast, the information will be hidden when hovering the mouse out of the image.

Hope that it helps.

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Or, if you want to click on the icon to show the author information as our user’s suggestion.
Just change the On Rollover event to the On Click event like this:


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Yes, displaying the credits when hovering over the photo is a great option to give credit to the photographers