Behaviour of Display in Properties

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I have a short question. In Properties β†’ General I am able to set Display On/Off to ensure whether an object (such as an HTML-Widget) will show up on canvas or not. If Display off is selected - will the object still preload in the background or will it load, when I set Display: On?

Background: I have a project with multiple timelines and in each timeline are HTML-Widgets (pdf will open). In each Timeline one of the HTML-Widget will be displayed, the other HTML-Widgets are set Display: Off. If all HTML-Widgets will load, no matter which Timeline ist used, it could be a problem for slower internet connections, if you know what I mean.

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Hi Lars,

It may depend on browsers and types of contents in the HTML Widget.
To make sure the content isn’t loaded, you should set the HTML Widget URL to an empty string in Properties pane, and add a trigger in the timeline to set the actual URL later.
You can use the following script for the trigger:

doc.getElement('HTML Widget name').setUrl('https://url/to/the/content/');


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Thanks, @ToanLS - sounds like a good solution. I will use the script.

Great community I have to say. Always fast response and helpful answers! :heart:

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