Batch change of text-to-speech voices / missing step in translation process

If you translate an ActivePresenter project, there already is a translation feature (Project \ Localize \ export / import XLIFF). But you need to change all TTS voices in all captions, objects manually, … (e.g. “Microsoft Zira Desktop - English (United States)” → “de-DE-KatjaNeural”), before you can apply the Project \ Batch operations \ Convert closed captions to audio.

There should be a Project \ Localize \ Map TTS-voices feature:

  • You get a list of all used TTS-voices in your project
  • You can assign other TTS to all (or a subset) of existing TTS voices
  • There is an option to extend replacement from closed captions to objects with TTS-audios, too
  • There is an option to re-generate audio objects directly
  • With okay the whole thing starts
  • In the end a summary is given, e.g. which voice has been changed how often, duration differences from old to new audio (to know where timing adjustments are needed, …)

This feature would also be usefull, when you want to change a TTS voice within the same language, e.g. female voice to male voice.


Thank you for your suggestions. We will improve this feature in future releases.