Background music

I have the following issue with the background audio: background music continues normally when the slide is set to auto-advance. But when the slide has some custom element to go forward or backward, when I click on these to advance to the next slide, the music starts from the beginning (it is not continuous). Then, the audio is interrupted. This does not happen with all the slides.

I have the music configured like this: loop, autoplay and background music.

I also tried to add background music with javascript code, the music plays, but the player controls have no effect on it.

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Currently, background music is still synchronized when jumping to each slide; and we will reconsider this behavior.

If you are using JavaScript, but are unsure how to handle audio play/pause events when triggered from the player controls, consider adding the following script to the project’s On Load event:

$(prez.ui).on('ap-pause', function(event, paused) {
    if (prez.myBGMusic) {
        if (paused)

When creating the audio player, ensure that you assign it to prez.myBGMusic.


Hi Hang, thank you for your reply.

However, the problem of skips in the background music occurs when I add audio as background music on a slide, so that it plays throughout the project (multiple slides). In this case the player controls (play, pause, volume level, etc) do work.

To avoid these jumps, what I tried was to add the background audio to the whole project, adding the file to the output folder of the project (not from the timeline), and adding the javascript code to play it. This works, but the player controls have no action on the audio when opening the project in any browser.

It is not clear to me what exactly I should do when you tell me: “When creating the audio player, ensure that you assign it to prez.myBGMusic”.


Hi Juan,

Please share a small sample of your project that has JavaScript so we can help you with the pause/resume function. You can attach the file here or email us at

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