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Background image not visble just shows white screen


Problem: Works in preview mode but not from website

Saola Animate version: latest “trial version”

OS: windows 10

Notes: When I try my project in preview mode I see the background image, but after I upload my project files to my server and navigate to the html file, it opens with no background image, just a white screen. I can see other objects i have placed but not the background image. I have tried jpg images and png images, same result. The images are on the server in the res folder. I am using Firefox, have also tried Windows Edge browser…same result. Any idea why the background image won’t show when served? ( is the trial edition FULLY FUNCTIONAL? Any help much appreciated, I want to like this program, it has some nice features, but if things don’t show after you upload the project it’s kind of a deal breaker. :anguished:

Actually….none of my images are showing when load in browser from server, they only show when I use the “preview project in browser” function.

(Toan Le) #2


Is there any chance that you uploaded the project resource folder (projectFileName_res) instead of the HTML5 output resource folder (resources by default)? I ask this because you mentioned project files and the res folder. The entire HTML5 output folder looks like the following screenshot:


If it’s not the case, please share your HTML5 output or your project folder to our support email at so that we can check.

The trial edition is certainly fully functional (though it shows a watermark in the HTML5 output to denote it’s for trial purpose only).



Hi toanis,

Thanks for the fast reply. I actually tried it both ways, but felt sure that only the _HTML5 folder files needed to be uploaded. I can see other objects like if i placed a square shape or a circle or text, just no images show.
Everything works perfectly when I play it in the browser locally, including the images, but when I go to view it online from the server where it’s uploaded, the images disappear. ( they don’t show even though they are in the folder on the server)
I’ll zip the project folder and send it to support, or should I use the “Save as Package” feature in the program and send that?

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You can do either. However there’s a bug in current version which prevents saving package if your project contains JavaScript/CSS resources from URLs (if you can save as package without error message, the package is ok)
Please be informed that our email service doesn’t accept some executable file types such as JavaScript (though it’s already zipped), so please upload it to a cloud storage such as Google Drive and share the link to us.



toanls…here is a link to the website if you’d like to view it directly.

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Your resource names contain leading spaces: " (15)" and " (18)", and your server converts leading spaces in file names to underscores so this issue occurs. You should rename your resources (select each one in Resources pane then press F2) or do something with your server to prevent it from converting spaces to underscores.



Hi toanls…thanks, will give that a try and let you know what happens!


Wow!!! That was it! :grin:
I have spent 2 full 8 hour days trying to figure this out and you solved it in 20 minutes or less! That was the only thing keeping me from purchasing, so I will go ahead with my purchase. Saola Animate seems to use a lot less memory than the program I have been using for a while, so I was really hoping to get it working, thanks again toanls, I am looking forward to spending a lot of time with this program!

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Thank you, LOCKY!
We always try to support users as soon as possible.



Hi toanls,

Just purchased Saola Animate Pro Perpetual License, I know that I am going to really enjoy using this program, you guys and (gals?) developed a great program with some excellent features. This program finally makes me realize there IS life after FLASH! :smiley:

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Thank you very much for choosing Saola Animate.
We hope that you will create great HTML5 animation with Saola Animate.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.