Back and Forward browser buttons

Currently it seems as if the export of Saola Animate is to “One” html page and all navigation must occur within the pages but cannot be navigated via the browser…

Is there a way to make back and forward browser buttons take you to different scenes?


I don’t know if there is anything built into Saola, but you can do it manually although there are various steps you’ll need to include in your project.

  1. You’ll need to use history.pustState to add the items to the browser history for each scene. See -

  2. Each of these items will need to be unique for each scene, so I’d suggest modifying the querystring.

  3. You’ll then to set the project to read the querystring on load and redirect to that scene if necessary.

See here for query string -

Saola then has doc.showSceneAt or doc.showScene that can then be used to change the scene.

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Thanks so much – that is super helpful!