Automatically creating ZIP files by exporting to HTML5 format


because our LMS system can load HTML5 file only in zip format, it will be helpful to choose “create zip file” by exporting Active Presenter project to HTML5 file.

Nowadays I have to do 3 steps:

  1. Export Active Presenter project to any location
  2. Rename “demo.html” file to “index.html” file
  3. Choose all object and make a zip file from them

After that I am able to import zip file to our LMS system.

I see another problem in this proposal - “index.html” file is in Active Presenter used for this choice:

Thank you for considering this improvement.


If your LMS supports SCORM or xAPI (which is supported by almost LMSes), please export projects to SCORM or xAPI package. You can find more information in this tutorial: