AUTOBACKUP to another file

I just notice that auto backup overwrites current project file. It should do it in a different file with a related name and timestamp.

I have suffered some application crashes and strange reactions from the application working with symbols in which the animation data was lost, the autobackup erased the original animation.


When you open a backup file and save it for the first time, it’ll overwrite the corresponding project file. To save to another file, you should select File > Save As first.

Regarding the animation data in symbols was lost, please check the backup interval in Preferences > General > Automatically create backup every xx minutes. Changes made in this interval just before the crash time will usually not be backup yet.


I did not saved the original file, after I discover that a complex animation was lost due of an application error, as I was expecting the file to keep untouched as the last time manually save.

Does the backup auto write the proyect file?
Is the option at preference for backup or autosave?


You can enable/disable backup, and set backup interval in Preferences > General tab:


When you open a project after a crash, if it has a backup file, the application will provide the following options:


For more information, please refer to Chaper 2: Creating Projects > Project Backup and Recovery in the user manual (page 18 for version 2.5)


what about if there was not crash to see the open backup option window?
Where is the backup file saved?


Backup file is saved in the same folder with the project file. If the project is closed normally, the backup file will be deleted automatically.
You can test the backup feature by killing Saola process in Task Manager.