Auto Start/Stop of Screen Recording


I see these as very useful features in Active Presenter (AP):

  1. Stop screen recording after a set time (DD:HH:MM:SS.sss)
  2. Start screen recording at a scheduled time, allow of stopping after some time or at a scheduled time.
  3. Shutdown application/computer after screen capture (also allow saving of recording or conversion/upload it and then shutdown of computer)



Thank you for your suggestion.
But ActivePresenter wasn’t meant to be used like a screen recorder alone. It was designed for creating high quality training videos with more emphasis on editing capabilities. If we have those features, more users will use it to record long sessions and that’s not what we expect.
That’s why we didn’t implement those features in the first place.

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The hallmark of a versatile software is adding features and letting the users use it the way they want it to be used. Not controlling how users should use it. That’s like you limiting your own software and it’s potential to be used in a variety of ways. That’s so restrictive thinking.

No, we just want to not encourage users to use ActivePresenter for tasks that it wasn’t meant to be.
That would likely introduce unexpected issues and support requests.
We believe that each software (or tool) should be designed and used for specific purposes if it want to maintain top quality.
If you need a simple screen recording tool, just to record your screen without editing then there are a lots of them out there.
You should only use ActivePresenter if you intent to edit your recordings afterward.

How does adding these feature confirm that user would NOT be using video editing?
I totally don’t get the logic and reasoning behind this.

@raksmahesh You see, with your auto record suggestion, now some people may record copyrighted materials from TV and others… What the ATOMI agent telling you is , that will be problem. This software is created in a way where people will make their hands dirty and create their own materials for teaching , research , and community services. The DVR feature you mentioned is not in fit with the idea the software is about.

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@Dave_Neg, Thanks for the response.

I get it. However, no matter what there is enough software already available on the internet to capture copyrighted material anyhow.

People who want to get their hands dirty would any ways do it.

I think limiting feature set of AP based on how someone is going to use a software is not of any merit.

You do the best you can and leave the rest for the world to take care of itself.