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Auto-Orient Motion Path Problem

Problem: Auto-Orient Motion Path Problem
Saola Animate version: v3.0.1
OS: win10

After some day’s struggle, I’ve exported the “symbol-dolphin” correctly.
I imported it into a new project, dragged the dolphin onto canvas,
set playhead to 00:00:05.000, dragged the dolphin to a new place,
adjusted the motion path, set playhead to 00:00:00.000 as below:

After adjusting motion path, I do one thing only,
that was to check the [v]Auto-Orient Motion Path and it gave a result as below:

As you can see, this dolphin face to a strange direction.

Please help me to correct this.

Thank you,

Hi Afei,

Saola Animate considers the element as a rectangle and orient it according to the motion path.
The app doesn’t know the content/image of the element, so it may not rotate the element in the right direction.
As such, you have to rotate z the element to be suitable with the motion path and content.

In your case, just set Rotate Z for 180 degrees in Transform section to see how it work.


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