Auto Generate Closed Captions

I see that I can import a .srt file to add closed captions and I can also type in captions. Does AP have the capability to create the captions based on the audio recorded or imported into the project?

Also-Can you direct me to a tutorial that describes how to import the captions from a .srt into multiple slides vs. all on one slide?

Thank you!

Hi Sunny,

ActivePrensenter 8 supports you to convert text to speech.
Regarding speech-to-text feature, unfortunately, this feature is not supported in the current version.

Also, you can refer to this tutorial to see how to add closed captions: How to Add Closed Captions in ActivePresenter 8 - Atomi Systems, Inc.
After importing closed captions from files, you can edit their timing and duration as normal.


In France, the obligation to subtitle training modules as well as videos is starting to be implemented. This corresponds to a very heavy workload because, to my knowledge, there is no software like ActivePresenter or Storyline that offers voice to text conversion.

The 1st software which will integrate this possibility will have the chance to recover the clients of other competitor software which will not have added this possibility.

Currently, the only solution is to go through Adobe Premiere or online software that generates subtitles from the voice.