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Audio playing across scenes

You have in the past responded on how to hide and load a music file automatically with a scene by clearing Controls checkbox in Properties > General > Media to hide the audio and checking Autoplay.

How can I enable the music file to continue playing on the second and third scene. Movement from one scene to another is enabled by an Event Handler on buttons which trigger Next Scene or Scene 2_1.


Hi Shawn,

Please see this thread:


Is there something I am doing wrong? I have attached it to the Scene Activate event …

Landing page.saolapack (912.5 KB)

You’re not playing the audio, just loading it.

if (!doc.myAudio) { doc.myAudio = new Audio('resources/behind-the-lens-steven-gutheinz-musicbed.mp3')};

Additionally, you may need to use a user event such as a mouse click to start the audio.

Got it!

Much appreciated.