Audio icon shown in export video

When I export a project,
on some parts/slides the “audio” icon appears in the video. Even though these are set to hidden on all slides. I have not found a way to hide them from the mp4 output. This did not happen in Version 7.

ActivePresenter Version:
ActivePresenter Pro Edition
Version 8.0.1 (Released: 2020.02.18)
Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit Version 1809

Hi Honsberg,

Please make sure that the Show Media Controls option in the Properties pane is not checked (you need to select an audio object to see this option) . If the problem still persists, please share a short sample project which has the issue so we can check.


Hello. I did check all the slides and the option was not set in any of them.
When i tried to create a smaller project by deleting all except 2-3 slides from the project, the project actually disappeared. I did that again. Now I have a project with 12 slides and multiple audio recordings, which shows this problem on slide 9 (about 06:10minutes on the timeline. How can I send this to you w/o making it public - since it contains company internal information!?
Additional information: I created this project with AP Version 7.x , then upgraded to 8 and exported teh project in rev 8.

Hi Ralf,

Please upload your project files to a cloud storage like Google drive or Dropbox and share the link to


Having the same issue so if there is a sollution to this, i would like to know aswell.

Hi sfo,

We are going to release an update which includes the fix for this issue. To make sure, can you please help to check with this temporary version to see if it happens or not: