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Audio Fade in/out

I would like to have the audio fade out over 2 slides. But the fade out fades over all the slides.

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Hi HBell,

I am not sure that I understand your case exactly. I guess you just need to select the audio range in two slides then apply the effect. For details, take a look at


I have music playing across 26 slides. It starts off quiet and gets louder, but the music is longer than the slides so instead of cutting off I would like a fade out on the last slide or better, from the second last slide. No matter what I do even, turning down the volume, it will not work on the last slide. I can select the range but the fade out will not work or any vloume control.
But the volume control will work on the first slide only.

I have tried the the tutorial and I can only get the volume changing on the 1st slide and not on any other

Hi HBell,

Please provide more information about your problems, for example, the steps that you did or screenshots… That will help us clarify the problems and help you faster.

Here is a pic of me on the last slide 25. I am highlighting most of the music on the slide and selected Fade out. Nothing changed in the area selected.


I confirm that it’s a bug when working with audio played across multiple slides. We’ll try to fix it in future releases.
In the mean time, please right-click the audio, select Play in Current Slide then apply effects, then select Player over Multiple Slides again.


I have my music on loop across all slides until the end, and that fix does not work. Is there another solution for this?

Hi Genevieve,

This issue has been fixed in ActivePresenter 7.5.
If you’re using an older version, please update to the latest one (7.5.10) and try again.
Otherwise, please describe your problem in more detail so that we can help.


I have the same problem like HBell and Genevieve. The music loops over all slides and I want to fade it out on the last slide. I selected the range, but the fade out function won’t be applied. I even can’t see it in the last actions of the reward button.

I updated on version 8.5.6 today, but it’s still the same.

Hi @mlp_presenter,

The fix in version 7.5 dealt with audio without looping.
There was no futher reply from HBell and Genevieve so the issue for looped audio was overlooked, unfortunately.
We’ll try to fix it in future releases.

In the meantime, you can try using the workaround below:

  1. Extend the looped audio and last slide duration a bit.

  2. Select the audio and use Split tool to split it at the time before extending in step 1.

  3. Apply fade in/out effect for the first splitted audio segment, and remove the second segment.


:grin: :+1:
Perfect! The workaround helped me a lot!

Thank you!