Audio didn't autoplay when the scene starts

Problem: I want to create a scene where the audio automatically starts as the scene were shown in the browsers. I also didn’t want to add any button to trigger the audio play as stated in the documentation here. Is it possible to do that? I also have enabled the autoplay option on the audio media tab but to no avail the audio only plays when I click on the screen. Note that I have 2 scenes available and the autoplay only works on the second scene but not on the first scene causing the audio to lost its sync with the animation.

Saola Animate version: 3.1.4

OS: Windows 10


If I understand your situation correctly - it sounds as though you may be bumping into the autoplay restrictions of the browser.

Some time ago - browsers implemented restrictions that require users to interact with some media in order for the audio to play.

As far as I know - there is no workaround.
I might suggest creating some sort of intro slide that gets the user to click to the next slide where your audio can autoplay since the user interacted on the previous slide.

Here are a couple resources with more information about autoplay.

Mozilla Autoplay

Chrome Autoplay


Alright thank you for the info. I’ll look into it.