Audio and Video not in Sync in Editing Video

Problem: Audio and Video are not syncing during editing - when we run the editing in preview mode - the Video Frame shows the first screen only , when we double click on timeline it shows the correct video frame… seems like the video is taking time to load everytime …

If i just watch the video from beginning - then both audio and video are in sync - but as soon as i click somewhere else to edit - the audio continues - video is back to farme 1.

I was very happy with the old version - Can u pls Guide - how can i Degrade - this is now becoming difficult to manage …

ActivePresenter version: ersion 9.1.0 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2023.06.02)

OS: Windows 10



Thank you for bringing the issue regarding audio and video synchronization in ActivePresenter to our attention.

We reproduce some cases but not sure which is the same as yours.
So, it would be very helpful if you can provide a video illustrating your issue so we can better assist you.

Once we receive this additional information, we will investigate the issue further and provide you with appropriate troubleshooting steps or a potential solution.
Looking forward to assisting you.

Best regards,


I have recorded the problem however not able to attach it as i am a new user - Can u suggest how can i attach …

Also , How can I downgrade to older version.


Hi Mukesh,

Please try attaching your recorded video again. If the file is large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive and then send the download link to us.
Also, here is the ActivePresenter 9.0 for you:


Here is the link of the Video -

Please Note :

  1. When we play the video in editor, we see the SQL Server Constraints (Previous Video Frame).
  2. The actual video Frame is Agenda
  3. When I Double-click on a timeline - I see the Correct Frame
  4. When I PLay - the Old video frame is visisble

Hope this helps.


Hi Mukesh,

Thanks for your shared file.
To better investigate the issue, kindly provide us with:

I was very happy with the old version

Besides, please confirm whether “the old version” means the ActivePresenter 8.5 or 9.0 version.


ActivePresenter_Log.txt (553.3 KB)

Here is the Log - I will try to Install the Prev Version and see if the issue still persists

Oh, it seems that you forget to share your project with us, @Mukesh_Kala.
A specific project will help us investigate the issue quickly and assist you better.
So, please follow the instruction in the previous response.

Thank you.


I just downgraded the version and it’s working fine there … and the project files are now not opening in the old version.

Can you please tell me which version is the most stable version, For me I jus want to record and edit videos - Thats the Basic and Primary need? So Which version should i go for ?

Thanks for getting back to me.
Kindly note that projects created with older versions can be opened with newer versions, but not vice versa.
To address your concern, please share with us your project created in ActivePresenter 9.1 with its external data folder (if any). Also, share your ActivePresenter log file again.

We appreciate your efforts in helping us investigate the issue.