Audio after recording

Is it possible to record narrative audio for all the project (and not only a slide) after the recording of the project ?

ActivePresenter Version: 6.1.4 bought


With ActivePresenter you can record narration both while and after recording.
Once recorded, you can add voice narration by using the Record Narration button on the Timeline. You can record one narration per slide or record one long narration and then spread it to multiple slides like any other audio (right click on the audio and select “Play over Multiple Slides”.


thank you very much

I tried it but I have not a good result : I need to have the presentation played all along to make a narration of all the demonstration.
If I have only one slide then another, it is all right to make a narration for each slide but not for the slides as an all.
And if I make the narration during the recording and I modify slides after, it is difficult to make the synchronisation…


You can follow below steps:

  • Insert an audio object by clicking Annotations > Audio > Create New.
  • In the Properties pane, click the Media tab, expand the Audio section, click Record.
  • After recording, right-click the audio and select Play over Multiple Slides > Bottom Layer.
  • Now you can adjust/edit the audio to synchronize with slides.


thank’s for your answer.
I dit it préviouly but the same 2 problems :

  • it is not easy without seeing the entire presentation but one slide after one slide
  • it works only with the video mode
    But anyway, i am pleased with your soft.
    Best regards