Assigning animations to buttons

Trying to set up a slide so once you click a button, a shape will pulse and then you will go to the slide the button transports you to (ex. say the button is on slide 2. I want a user to click the button, have an object on the slide pulse, then be redirected to slide 5). It seems like animations are set to play automatically, though. How can I set up slides so I can do what I am thinking of doing? Is it possible to have buttons trigger animations in ActivePresenter, let alone trigger more than one action to occur in a set sequence?

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You can take a look at a sample project I created below:
pulse then go to slide.approj (300 KB)
Please see the events - actions of the button:
You will set up On Click event > Highlight Object > choose Object you want to highlight > choose Emphasis Effect: Pulse > set up Effect Duration for the animation > check Blocking so that the next action (Go to Slide) only takes effect after the Pulse animation finishes.

Hope this solves your concern.

Quynh Anh

Perfect! Thank you so much.

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