Are touch events supported?

Problem: Can´t see how touch events can be added.

Saola Animate version: 2.6.0

OS: Windows 10 x64

Notes: Hello! I can´t figure out how to add touch events at all. I was able to apply mouse events, since these are listed in the event type list of elements, like mousemove, mouseenter, mouseleave and so on, but there is no adequate type for touch events.

There are two event types: swipeleft, swipright, but both don´t do anything, as far as i can see.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks a lot…

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Mouse down, mouse up and mouse click events should works well on touch devices as touch start, touch end, tap events respectively.
Mouse move related events (move, enter/leave, over/out) should not be used on touch devices (though they works on Android, and latest iOS).
Swipe left/right should work as expected. Can you please let me know which browser and OS you’re testing on?


Hello Toan Le,

I am on Google Chrome on a Microsoft Surface Device with Touchscreen. Mouseevents work nicely, but no touchevents here, also no “swipe left/right”.

However Chrome Developer tools provide a setting to simulate touch events when using a mouse. Using this touch device simulation at least the “swipe left/right” works, but still no mousemoves at all.

I am trying to trigger javascript functions, at the moment they simply write something out via console.log. All functions are hooked and working, since the mousemove is triggered when using a mouse, and the swipe-function too, when simulating touch events.

Just to let you know: I am programming javascript touch/mouse events a lot outside Saola, so I think I know what I am doing. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help.


Swipe left/right works well on my Android phone.
I don’t have a Surface to check now, but I guess it might be a bug on Windows with touch screens.
I’ll check and let you know later.

About other touch events, can you please provide an use case? Which types of events do you need and what do you intend to do with them?



I can’t imagine it to be an issue of Windows touch devices, since everything programmed with Adobe Dreamweaver or Chrome runs fine. Actually my business is interactive images, and I am using the Surface when presenting them at meetings.

E.g. this page runs fine on my surface, using either the mouse or the touch screen:

Thank you very much!


We’ve tested again and found that it’s indeed a bug of swipe event on Windows touch devices only.
We’ll fix it in the next update.
Can you please help us to check if the attached HTML5 works on your Surface? (42.9 KB)

Regarding mousemove event, I forgot that it doesn’t support continuous mouse movement on touch devices. We’ll consider supporting it in the future.
If you know JavaScript, you can add Run JavaScript action to Scene Activate event to handle touch/mouse move as in the attached project.
touch move.saolapack (2.1 KB)


Hi Toan Le,

I don’t have a Surface but my Leveno is a W10 tablet / laptop. The swipe example you provided doesn’t work in either mode.

With tablet mode enabled it seems to do nothing. In laptop mode, but touching the screen to swipe, it triggers the browser navigation.

However, this is for Chrome / Edge Chromium. In Firefox, swiping works.

Hope it helps.

Thanks Mack for your kind help.
I just want to confirm that you did swipe on the white area? Swipe may not work on the blue area that shows the logs. Moreover, in this test sample I set a quite small angle tolerance, so please swipe in nearly horizontal direction.
Thanks again for your help.

Hello Toan!

I now also tested the Saolapack you sent. And indeed, with the workaround I got touch events now. That’s exactly what I needed so far, at least I have them on all devices. However it would be great to be able to attach them on element level from within the gui. So I hope you can fix it for the next update, I purchsed Saola yesterday. :slight_smile:

The Swipe left/right-test you sent works when keeping the movement very horizontically.

Thanks a lot!


Ditto - if the swipe is kept perfectly horizontal - then the swipe does work on my W10 touch device :slight_smile:

Thank you all! We’ll increase the default angle tolerance for swipe event.

Hello, I didn’t use Saola Animate for more almost two years now, but nowadays I did again.

I once again struggled with the touch events and remebered this thread here. I did not change anything, still Saola Animate does not support touch events natively, right? So I still have to hassle around with this workaround?
I am really astonished that no updates for the software were made for almost two years now. Is that true?

Thanks. Martin

Hi Martin,

We’ll release version 3.0 soon with notable features such as exporting to video, preset effects and text animations, morphing animation…
Unfortunately, there is still no touchmove event yet. Instead, we have plan to support drag event (which works with both mouse and touch events) after version 3.0.


Hello Toan LE! Sounds great! Thanks!

Oh, I was so happy to get the version 3.0, hoping there would be support for touch screens now, either with drag or touch vents. Then I recognized it will be supported “after” version 3.0.

Is it so hard to implement?

Thanks! Martin

It’s simple for almost all use cases, but it’s hard for some use cases.
A feature must work well on all use cases, not like a workaround, so it’s hard to implement.