AP video export time

I currently use AP9 but had similar experiences in AP 8.

I have a project, about 70 minutes. The project and export resolution are 3830 x 2160 (or thereabouts).

My question is about video export time.

This same video has no interactions or enhancements, it’s just recorded a Teams meeting.
Currently, I estimate it will need ~3-hours to export.

That seems to me like a lot of time.
Even earlier projects with 1920 x 1080 resolution take about 2-hours.

Anyone else have a similar observation in their project exports?


If you are using Windows and your computer has a discrete graphics card, you can select it for exporting in ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > Video Encoder. This is usually faster than the default option (Windows Media Foundation).


Thank you for this response.

The machine has:

  • GPU: 4 GB NVIDIA Quadro K4200
  • CPU: Xeon E5-1650 v3
  • RAM: 64GB

When checking Preferences > Misc > Video Encoder, this is the option.


Can you think of anything that might prevent the card from showing in the encoder list?


Thanks for your information.

I can’t find K4200 in the Video Encode GPU Support Matrix list from NVIDIA at: Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix | NVIDIA Developer
Maybe this GPU doesn’t support H.264 encoding or its driver was not installed correctly.
Can you please share the log of ActivePresenter so we can investigate further? To view the log, click ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log.


H.264 support might be the issue.

The machine is a Dell 5810 workstation and is probably 5 - 10 years old. It is a joy to use and easy to upgrade.

Outside windows 11, this is the only hardware compatibility problem, so I guess the situation is fortunate that way.

The log is attached.
If you have another suggestion, please let me know. Otherwise I expect to continue as-is.

ActivePresenter 10-14-2022.log (383.0 KB)

Thanks for sharing the log.

According to the following line in the log, your graphics driver version is older than the required one:

Driver does not support the required nvenc API version. Required: 10.0 Found: 8.1

Please try updating your graphics driver to the latest version to see if it helps.


Thank you for researching the log.
The video encoder is updated to the latest NVIDIA driver for the device.
After update, the GPU was available to AP as an encoder choice, please see attached screen.

I haven’t tested yet but expect this is the solution and export performance will improve.
Thank you again.

k4200 update