Ap 8 audio play and pause

Hello, I have a project file. I added sound to the click event of the button. I want this sound to stop when I click the other button. When I click it again later, I want the sound to continue where it left off. I’m using Ap 8 can you help me?

Hi Emrah,

You can try using interactive timelines in ActivePresenter to achieve this.
An interactive timeline contains specific tasks so you can easily control and manage it as you want.

First of all, add a new timeline, then insert an audio track into this newly inserted timeline.
Next, set up suitable events-actions to play/pause the timeline when you click the buttons.
This way, the audio will continue playing where it left off when the button is clicked again.


I have also attached the sample project to help you understand my point better.
sample-play-pause-audio.approj (1.9 MB)

Besides, this tutorial will bring you more information about creating and working with interactive timelines in ActivePresenter: Use Multiple Timelines in ActivePresenter 8 - Atomi Systems, Inc.
Please check it out.

Hope that it helps.
Have a nice day,

thank you very much.