Any "return to last visited" scene?

Problem: Can’t create button to return to last visited screen

Saola Animate version: 2.7.1

OS: Win10, MacOS Catalina

Notes: Hey everyone, does anyone know of a way to add the navigation functionality to return to the scene they came from? There is functionality to jump to previous (referring to previous in the order of slides), jump to next, last or first, but no way to return to the scene you came from. We build training with Saola and often have “Help” scenes which are optional, but we want to provide a button to return to the scene whence they came.


Hi Richard,

Please see this sample which uses History API to go to the last visisted scene: navigation history.saolapack (2.6 KB)

In this sample project:

  • Document Scene Activate event: add the activated scene information to the navigation history.
  • Document Create event: get the scene information from the navigation history and go to that scene.
  • Go to the last visited scene: call history.back()