Animating video object based on timeline

I have a video that I’ve placed on the slide in full screen size. At a certain point on the timeline, I want the video to shrink and move to the bottom left corner.

I can’t figure out how to do this. I can use motion path to get the video to move, but I want it to resize at the same time. I can’t use an exit animation because I want it to stay in the corner, not exit.

I’m brand new with ActivePresenter and though I am going through the user manual, I can’t find my answer. Thanks for any help you may give.

Hi Brad,
Unfortunately, ActivePresenter doen’t support to move the video to the bottom corner and resize it at the same time. You can use Saola Animate to do this and create more animations.
This is the link to download Saola Animate:

Is there a way to create a project in Saola and include it into an AP project. Especially this YouTube example.

Hi Ali,

This feature is going to be supported in ActivePresenter 8.