Animating Objects

I would like to animate objects in ActivePresenter to generate a dynamic presentation. It would be making keyframes on timeline or creating Middle Transition section to make to move an object while waits a user interaction.



We have added more animation effects in the version 7 of ActivePresenter. However, for advanced animations, please take a look at our another product called Saola Animate ( We also have a plan to support inserting Saola Animate output into ActivePresenter.


Does it exist now?

Thank you

Hi Dom,

Yes, you can insert a Web Object in ActivePresenter, select HTML Package and browse for the HTML5 output folder exported by Saola Animate.


Yes of course, I know that. I thought phuongdv was talking about a more specific or tight integration, maybe sharing events etc.

Hi Guys,

Are there plans on the feature roadmap to add any keyframe animation capabilities to AP in addition to the blur motion and object animation functionality currently in the product?


Hi Scott,

ActivePresenter is designed as a eLearning & Screencasting tools, so it doesn’t focus much on animations with keyframes. However, we will introduce more preset animations and transitions in the future updates. For your usecase, please consider using Saola Animate for this instead. As planned, exporting to video will be supported in the next major release of Saola Animate


Thanks for the response, Phuong. I use other tools for creating motion graphics and animations but thought since the capability is already in the product (keyframes for blurring objects), basic keyframe animation might be on the roadmap (just to get things moving on paths, etc.). Not a showstopper; love your products.

Thanks again!

Thanks for your feedback.

To make an object move follow a path, you can use Motion Path animations as described at
I understand it doesn’t have all power of keyframe animation but I think it is still helpful in some cases.

We plan to add more video effects which work like the blur effect in the future updates but these will only be applicable for video objects.