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Animating individual svg elements

Problem: unable to find how to animate individual elements on imported svg

Saola Animate version: 2.7.1

OS: Windows 10 home

Notes: I have created svg diagrams in another program and wish to import them and then apply animation to particular elements of the diagram. How do I do that?

Hi Peter,

Unfortunately, Saola Animate doesn’t support animating elements in a svg yet.
However, in version 3, you can copy svg paths from an svg editor, or copy svg code and paste into Saola Animate as freeform shapes. After that you can animate those freeform shapes.

Upgrading to version 3 is free of charge for all users having perpetual licenses of version 2.


Hi Toan,

Thanks for fast reply. How do I upgrade, as from what I read, it seemed like I would need to purchase the V3.0?


You should be able to just download and install v3 from Download Saola Animate - The ultimate tool for creating HTML5 animations and the new licence is automatically detected.

Yep, that worked fine. Thanks!