Animated Text Directly on AP

I would like to know about the possibility to animate text directly in ActivePresenter similar to a typewriter, or letters/words appearing with an effect or something like that, not like a transition.



I think it is a useful feature. We will try to support it in the future.



has there been any progress in this regard? I would like to simulate test type into a web page box without using the screen recording functionality in order to keep the file running smoothly on limited connections.
Is there a way to simulate type text ? If it is very short I use a set of print screens but for longer texts this does make sense… the text box interaction is animated but only in Demo mode.
Any other solutions?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Michael,

The Text Animation feature will be supported in the release of AP 8, which is scheduled for the next September.
Stay tuned for our upcoming release.


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