Animate rotating cylinder with text

I have a case for an animation with a rotating cylinder when there is a big text on the side of it. When the cylinder is rotating around it’s lenght axis, the text should disappear behind the cylinder when it’s rotating more then 90 degrees and come back into sight when it rotation is about 270 degrees.


This can partly be done with rotation/tranform and motion path but still it’s difficult to get a realistic feel on the rotation of the text (that is part of the cylinder and rather big, and I want it even bigger then in the picture).

The text element cannot be curved I think in Saola so how to do this realistic? Any thoughts on this?

Came across this tutorial several weeks ago that explains how to create realistic 3D rotation:

There is also a nice example with a cylinder that works on the same principle which you might be able to replicate in Saola:

Hi Mackavi,

I had been looking at this tutorial already. Thanks for this but my problem is that you can’t really curve an object in 2D in Saola. If the text follows the surface of the cylinder, when it’s almost flat it sticks a bit outside the edge of the cylinder. And the bigger the text, the bigger the problem… The example of the HTML and CSS is great! For now I’m not comfortable with it enough to do it that way.

Hi Klaas,

Maybe you can use a Text element for each letter, arrange them curve, then group them as an object.


Thank you for this great suggestion!