Animal Memory Game

I have seen a few questions regarding memory games. They seem to be a bit popular so I decided I would go ahead and try to make one. Here is my result.


  1. 20 tiles for a 10 match game
  2. Randomized layout on every new game for endless play
  3. Keeps track of the number of tries to make matches
  4. Lovely animal faces to look at
  5. Flip action on the tiles.
  6. Tiles automatically fade out on a match or flip back over

Try to get all 10 matches in the fewest tries. Enjoy!

Memory Game


Good morning,

New challenge for the new day. Thank you for filling me up with great energy :blush:

We’re truly impressed by your creativity and the unique experience you’ve crafted. :100: :100: Can’t wait to see what incredible creations you’ll develop next!
P/s: I can’t stop laughing when seeing your face there :laughing: :laughing:

All the best,

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That is a pretty good score! That will be tough to beat.

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True, I’ve done 2 times, and both cost me 21 tries to get 10 scores :sweat_smile:

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